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Did You Miss Me?

I know I haven’t called or sent organic flowers, my greenie boombinis, but I’ve been working hard for you! Seriously, I’m working on a new home and a new look for So Fresh + So Green (got to keep it fresh!), so bear with me!

In the meantime in between time, I’ll spread a little love around and share some super duper links with you to keep you in the green.

+ Green and Clean Mom makes an important request:  Say NO to Bottled Water

+ Some awesome advice from Dr Amy Wells on handling eczema: Healing Childhood Eczema Naturally

+ Woody Harrelson saves the kittehs: Woody Harrelson Helps Stop Texas Tech Kitten Torture

+ Remember being able to walk to the store? Or school? Or anywhere?: How Children Lost the Right to Roam

+ I love a good freestyle, even when it comes to shoes:  Sandals to Tie For

Happy reading! Have a great weekend!